The 13 Best Father’s Day Gardening Gifts 2023


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Oct 20, 2023

The 13 Best Father’s Day Gardening Gifts 2023

Father’s Day presents can be tough to source, it’s true. But if the dad in your

Father's Day presents can be tough to source, it's true. But if the dad in your life loves tending flower beds, weeding his veggie patch or keeping the lawn green and pristine, your best bet is to opt for some premium gardening gear. The good news: From Japanese planting knives to heirloom-quality tool carriers, futuristic garden hoses and sleek-looking gloves, the best Father's Day gardening gifts aren't hard to find in 2023—and each is more covet-worthy than the last. (And trust us: As intimidating as it might seem to dip your toe—or green thumb, rather—into new gifting territory, most avid gardeners aren't hard to please.)

From Japanese planting knives to heirloom-quality tool carriers, futuristic garden hoses and ... [+] sleek-looking gloves, the best Father's Day gardening gifts aren't hard to find in 2023.

Ahead, find a curated selection of the best garden gifts for dads. You’ll find traditional gear and smart, newfangled tech alike among our top picks, and a wide budget range, too. Whether they’re into maintaining a crisp-edged lawn, planting flowers for pollinators, growing prize-winning tomatoes or simply relaxing in their greener-than-green haven they’ve created for themselves, these nifty gifts are bound to delight the father figures in your life.


This Japanese digging knife will be Dad's new favorite multitasker in the garden. With a serrated blade, sharp point and dashing wooden handle, it offers an excellent way to easily root out weeds, hack through thick stems and dig small holes for plantings. The blade is etched with inches, too, so he can measure the depth of his digging.

Garrett Wade

This copper-plated watering can's antiqued finish is proof that our favorite tools can actually look better with a little wear. With a removable copper rosette, they’re perfect for watering delicate seedlings, too—but Dad can pop it off when it's time to give hardier plants a drink.

Garrett Wade

This handy tote is the perfect place for Dad to sort and stash his seeds. Featuring several slots for organizing and a larger compartment for hand tools and other sundries, it's a genius organizer and bound to come in handy. Made in France from oiled bamboo, it's also light enough to carry, but sturdy enough to handle the occasional rainstorm or sprinkler spray.


One of the most useful tools in the garden is the humble five-gallon bucket—so why not pop a bucket caddy on the rim to make it even more useful? With 14 different pockets for stashing hand tools, seed packets or bunches of herbs, this particularly stylish option is a winner. It also keeps the interior of the bucket free to hold whatever Dad is hauling to and from the garden.


For the dad who loves what compost does for his plants but doesn't love, well, the resulting mess, take a look at this compact and lightning-fast countertop composter from Lomi. In just four hours, it transforms food scraps into nutrient-rich fertilizer, making it one of the most convenient, quick and odor-free ways to cut down on food waste. Of course, he’ll also be making his garden happy at the same time. Win-win.

L.L. Bean

Even the toughest dad can appreciate some stylish, high-quality hand protection. Made from genuine leather with a smooth poly lining for comfort, he’ll appreciate these soft, sturdy gloves whether he's pruning roses, pulling weeds or hauling wood to the backyard fire pit.

Garrett Wade

Gardeners love getting down and dirty; they don't love the sore knees that come from digging weeds, planting flowersor reaching for that perfect heirloom tomato in the middle of the patch. Dad will appreciate this versatile garden kneeler, which converts into a mini bench for sitting and admiring your handiwork after a long day of planting. Even better, it comes with a set of cast aluminum tools and caddy for a little bonus gift.

Tractor Supply Co.

Help Dad make the most of the gardening season with this classic glass-walled greenhouse. With adjustable roof vents to control temperature and airflow, gutters to capture rainwater and a rust-free aluminum frame, it's perfect for starting seeds in winter or creating a jungle-like microclimate for tropical plants in summer.


There's no better feeling at the end of a long day of gardening than kicking back and relaxing by the fire pit. This model's internal airflow system minimizes smoke and reduces ash, making for easy cleanup. Each one includes a stand, starter wood and a weather-resistant cover to make it easy to build bonfires and memories all summer long.

Home Depot

This cordless string trimmer lets dad take care of even the toughest-to-reach weeds, no extension cord required. The rechargeable battery means it's emission-free and less noisy than gas without sacrificing power or runtime, too. That's good news for the neighbors and for the planet.

Rise Gardens

Help Dad bring the joy and abundance of gardening indoors with this personal hydroponic gardening system. This compact countertop kit comes with everything he needs to grow fresh, flavorful fruits, veggies and herbs indoors, no matter the weather. With a circular watering system, full-spectrum LEDs and smart tech that lets him tweak settings via app or Alexa, it’ll take him from seed to harvest in just one month.


If Dad loves the look of a neat, freshly mown lawn but not the upkeep, surprise him with this genius robotic lawn mower. It's a rugged-yet-sleek device that can tackle steep slopes, wet weather and lots of up to .4 acres—and he doesn't have to lift a finger to make any of the above happen. Plus, its smart integration lets him adjust controls like mowing area and cut height to create the perfect front yard.


A planter box can add dimension to any yard, deck or patio, but the pros of this beautiful model don't end there. It's made from weather-resistant cedar sourced from responsibly managed forests, and its elevated planting surface makes it easier on the body than those that require planting at ground level. Dad can fill it with herbs, tomatoes or annual flowers to beautify his outdoor space.