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Apr 27, 2023

pedrali grows with exotic guinea & film

Away from the cinema and out in nature; just by calling its name, Guinea

Away from the cinema and out in nature; just by calling its name, Guinea brings a tropical destination in mind. CMP Design introduces the armchair as an outdoors product that evokes exotic references from Panama's Guinea province, the country in West Africa, and the world's second-largest island in Australia; all three locations surrounded by oceans, forests, rainfall and wildlife.

‘All the exotic references make us think that Guinea can be placed anywhere, from the ocean to the forest and its downpouring tropical rains – and it will still resist the weather as it is made of aluminum. Guinea is a cool name!’ continues Antonio.

Guinea's backrest may be upholstered in fabric | art direction Studio FM; photo by Andrea Garuti; styling Studio Salaris

The concept of lightness and transparency is evoked with the armchair's iconic structure and allure. The aluminum furniture piece is distinguished by its teak armrests, which fit into the metallic frame introducing a vivid, tactile detail that goes from warm to cold. Welded together, the embracing aluminum frame is combined with a seat in waterproof textilene on which rests a soft, removable cushion.

‘Creating Guinea went a long way. We wanted to use teak for the whole product, but teak wood is very rare. For this reason we decided to reduce the amount and use it only for the armrests, the only part that is in contact with the hand, which are always a preferred choice compared to a metallic surface when outdoors. But we still wanted the aesthetic to resemble that of a traditional wooden chair, thus the thicker, bolder frame,’ explains Antonio.

Guinea in its textilene backrest version at Pedrali's 2023 Salone del Mobile booth | photo by Ottavio Tomasini, project by DWA Design Studio

The Guinea backrest can be customized in various configurations. The version with a textilene backrest is reminiscent of the traditional movie director's chairs, with an enhanced sense of visual lightness, while the version with the backrest in aluminum slats features more traditional, archetypical forms. To enhance comfort as well as versatility, the backrest may also be upholstered in fabric. More importantly, its armrests, seat and backrest are assembled mechanically, making them easy to disassemble for recycling purposes or to replace its components.

‘We developed two frames for Guinea, the one with the two aluminum slats on the backrest and the one with the textilene. We exploited and adapted the same design to create different opportunities for performance. In places where they need a more resistant version, mainly in public areas, the one with the aluminum back is preferable. In a more private setting, or even a boat or a place close to the seaside where the user also wants to be shirtless, the textilene edition is better-suited. There's also the version where the chair is almost entirely covered in fabric,’ describes Michele.

Guinea is developed in two versions: textilene and the two-slat aluminum backrest

the stackable quality of Guinea offers flexibility for space-saving both in commercial and private environments

Both armchairs speak timelessness regarding design, use and sustainability. With the stackable quality of Guinea and the disassembling opportunities and recycling of Lamorisse Wood, CMP Design ensures to follow Pedrali's commitment to environmental ecology.

‘Creating something that is timeless means using it over a great span of time, and can be repaired as well be passed on in the family. The longer the timeline of a product, the more sustainable it is. There are kinds of aesthetics that don't even fall in the vintage category, because they can decorate any kind of space, and this is our goal, and it should be the goal of every designer,’ says Michele. ‘Also, we try not to use excess material in our projects, whether natural or not. This helps us optimize both the visual aspect and the structure, concludes Simone.

close-up of Guinea's textilene backrest

project info:

brand: Pedrali | @pedralispa

designer: CMP Design | @cmpdesign

products: Lamorisse wood; Guinea

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