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Nov 08, 2023

LAG Confidential gift guide 2022

Filed under: The holidays are here, and we have some gift ideas for the soccer

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The holidays are here, and we have some gift ideas for the soccer lover in your life

It's the most wonderful time of the year, the holidays! The thing about time, it moves really fast, and we are here once again to give you some ideas for that soccer lover in your life. This time last year a new NWSL team had been announced, and after an incredibly successful inaugural season, they have some great gift items available aside from just generic t-shirts. Of course, we will also have LA Galaxy options for those original G's out there.

The Greatest Play Slate Coasters

A set of four coasters with diagrams breaking down LA Galaxy highlights, including the best goal in MLS history.

This is one of those fun gifts that we like to include on these lists. Something outside of the typical jersey or keychain with the team logo. With everyone spending even more time at home, you might have realized you're in need of some coasters to keep those tables looking good and not stained with drink rings. Look no further than these super durable, really cool slate coasters. What makes them special is they feature artwork of the infamous Zlatan goal that capped off the comeback at home during his LA Galaxy debut. Every time you reach for a cold one, you can be reminded of one of the greatest moments in club history.

LA Galaxy Desktop Organizer

Keep it tidy and rep the G’z in the office or the home office.

Speaking of being at home at a lot more, there are plenty of people out there who now work from home either exclusively, or part time which means many have curated office spaces in our homes. With this Galaxy desktop organizer, you can show off your love for LA, while staying practical. This wooden organizer with a distressed design is perfect for the worker bee G, and those looking to reduce clutter and keep their workspace a bit more clean. The best part, it's currently on sale!

LA Galaxy Personalized Serving Board

Keep it classy and offer some personalization for the Galaxy fan in your life with this wooden serving board.

Charcuterie is currently making a massive comeback. You can't scroll Tik Tok or Instagram without seeing reels and clips of various serving board/charcuterie ideas. Which is why this next gift idea is so perfect. The perfect blend of home crafts and supporting the squad you love. With this personalized serving board you not only get the Galaxy logo etched into the beautiful Acacia wood board, but you can also personalize it with up to 14 letters. A perfect way to let everyone know who runs the LA charcuterie scene.

San Diego Wave FC Ugly Sweater Summer Scarf

It's too warm to wear an ugly sweater, and if you want to make your aunt happy you’re participating in the ugly sweater party, wear this Wave FC ugly sweater scarf instead.

This is the fun part of the guide, the true introduction to San Diego Wave FC. This time last year the club had just been announced as an expansion side for the then upcoming season, and their options in terms of merchandise was, respectfully, non-existent. However that has all changed! One of the more fun options they offer is this ugly sweater scarf. Nothing says holiday season like an ugly sweater, but now you can pair your ugly sweater with this not-so-ugly, ugly summer scarf. A great way to ring in the holiday season while supporting the newest team in the NWSL.

Casey in Color Canvas Tote Bag

Wave FC head coach Casey Stoney knows how to rock the colors and this Andy Warhol-inspired homage to the manager pays tribute to her colorful looks.

It may be winter, but one thing about SoCal winters, you can still wake up on a day that's perfect weather for a trip to the beach. Even if you aren't beach-bound, you might still be looking for a great way to keep from using plastic bags at the store. Well, this canvas tote bag is perfect, not just practically as a functional bag, but it also looks amazing. San Diego Wave have really leaned into the colorful swag, and we love it. This bag will definitely be the talk everywhere you go, the perfect way to let people know all about Wave FC and why they should be their new favorite team.

San Diego Wave FC Inaugural Home Jersey

Where it all began — the inaugural home jersey for Wave FC.

Okay, you got us. We couldn't finish this list without at least one team kit and none is more perfect than the brand new San Diego Wave FC kit. This jersey is selling out fast, so if you want to ensure you get one by the holidays it would be best to order by December 16th. You can either get this jersey blank to support the team as a whole, you can select a player to rep, or you can personalize it and feel part of the squad! It's your typical sports gift, but you only get one chance to secure a club's first-ever kit they wore during their inaugural season.

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