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Apr 26, 2023

Hell Let Loose Update 14 Patch Notes for May 25

Update 14 for Hell Let Loose is now live across PC and consoles! This update

Update 14 for Hell Let Loose is now live across PC and consoles! This update brings in new content, quality-of-life improvements, and crucial bug fixes. Gear up and prepare to meet the British Forces, traverse two brand-new maps, and wield new weapons and vehicles.

We’re pleased to announce that Update 14 is now live! Take to the battlefield with two brand new maps, deploy in as the British Forces with new weapons and vehicles, and try out the new non-verbal communication tools and updates to locomotion.

For a breakdown of the new features, plus quality of life improvements and bug fixing, please see the changelog below.

New Faction

Great Britain

New Great Britain Uniforms

Rubberized Macintosh Raincoat

P-37 Battledress

New Cosmetics

Free DLC – Jericho Cap

Paid DLC – Calvary Coat

New Weapons

Lanchester MK1

Sten Gun

Bren MK2

Lee-Enfield Pattern 1914

Lewis Gun


Rifle No.4 MK1

Rifle No.5 MK1

Webley MK VI

Fairbairn Sykes Knife



Boys Rifle

Flamethrower Life Buoy

Mills Bomb No.36

No.77 Smoke Grenade

No.2 MK5

New Vehicles

Sherman Firefly




Bedford Supply Truck

Bedford Transport Truck


6 Pounder

25 Pounder

New Maps

Driel – Driel offers intense combat where players will need to apply a tactical approach to securing territory and traversing the small villages and farmland.

El Alamein – With structures few and far between, players will need to work together to cover their six.

New Achievements

Not The End – Play 50 Matches on El Alamein [5 Matches on Console]

Cross the Nederrijn – Play 50 matches on Driel [5 Matches on Console]


[Fixed] [PS5] [XBOX] Visible seams in IIS

[Fixed] Some players 500m away could disappear from the tactical map

[Fixed] Smoke grenade FX popping in and out rapidly

Reworked Text Based Tutorials – updated in the Field Manual

V0.1 Video Tutorials – short gif-style videos to support Field Manual text

Vote to Kick Added for Console – allowing players to now vote to kick other players for Abuse, Cheating, or Team Killing

Improvements to the XP Screen – a new breakdown of how XP is awarded will help players better understand how to alter their play style to maximize the XP they earn

Point-and-Ping – Developing on the existing ping feature, allowing players to highlight the location of ammo, explosive ammo, and supply boxes to other players in their platoon

Non-Verbal Communication Tools – Radial Wheel


Performance improvements to a range of maps

Further HLOD fixes to address transition issues

Pass over meshes to remove excessive triangle counts, additional UV sets, reverse buffer index and build adjacency enabled

Effects & Lighting

Increased exposure in Barracks


[Fixed] M1 Garand Reload Audio

[Fixed] [PS5] Controller audio not occurring when building Outpost/Garrison

Aim Down Sights foley SFX added for all weapons

Water surface SFX added for shallow and very deep water

Animation/Locomotion Improvements

Crouch Sprint Speed Increased 5%: 393.75 float

Standing Sprint Speed Increased 15%: 517.5 float

Introduced Dive to prone

Introduced Step height improvements

Introduced Run & Sprint updates

[Fixed] Fully reloading specific rifles causing the animation to loop

[Fixed] Mosin Nagant 91/30 bolt resets during partial reload

[Fixed] During any reload Karabiner 98k rifle bolt briefly resets

[Fixed] During full reload Karabiner 98k rifle bolt becomes desynced with hands

[Fixed] Karabiner 98k magazine misaligned from hand during full reload

[Fixed] Players T-Posing after using melee immediately after bracing a Machine Gun

[Fixed] [TPP] Players T-Posing after using melee when equipped with the Flamethrower

[Fixed] Weapons with multiple animation issues when Crouch Sprinting

[Fixed] [TPP] No leaning animation observed when the FG42 or FG42 x4 is used

[Fixed] [TPP] No leaning animation observed when Russian Revive is used


Fixed an issue where if a user got disconnected from a VoIP session, there was a high probability that they would fail to reconnect. This should resolve a large number of issues whereby a player loses voice chat functionality

Map Rotation

Improved map randomization to ensure even distribution of different game modes for both PC and console

Map rotation will be limited on console and official PC servers for the first week after Update 14 to make the new maps more accessible

Limited Map Rotation Includes:

El Alamein Offensive (GB)

Sainte-Mère-Église Warfare

Omaha Beach Offensive (US)

Driel Warfare

Hürtgen Forest Offensive (GER)

Carentan Warfare

El Alamein Warfare

Kursk Offensive (SOV)

Utah Beach Offensive (GER)

St Marie Du Mont Warfare

Driel Offensive (GB)

Foy Warfare Night

Hill 400 Warfare

Kharkov Offensive (SOV)

El Alamein Offensive (GER)

Hürtgen Forest Warfare

Omaha Beach Warfare

Carentan Offensive (US)

Driel Offensive (GER)

Sainte-Mère-Église Warfare

Match Analytics (Backend)

Servers will now log each match with information about what map and mode it is, along with a list of players that started the match

Server Administration

New Commands:

List Current Map Sequence

Query Map Shuffle

Toggle Map Shuffle

Vehicle Bug Fixes

[Fixed] Jeep wheels with incorrect damage reduction value

General Bug Fixing

[Fixed] Players auto-running by jumping during the start of the Sprint to prone function

[Fixed] Dismantling speed for constructible objects able to be artificially increased

[Fixed] Battle Scarred DLC Uniforms not present for Recon classes


[Fixed] Noticeable LOD changes at a short viewing distance in multiple locations

[Fixed] Station building asset with LOD distance issues

[Fixed] Wooden lamppost with metal SFX and PFX when shot at, and no bullet penetration

[Fixed] [E6] Bench clipping sandbags

[Fixed] [F3] Metal Barrels with sand SFX and PFX

[Fixed] [F4] Pipe with noticeable LOD transition at a short viewing distance

[Fixed] [F6] Tree with unusual texture movement

[Fixed] [F7] Wooden boxes missing collision

[Fixed] [H5 & H6] Railway track with visible LOD changes

[Fixed] [I8] Misaligned riverbank terrain

[Fixed] [J6] Misaligned mudbank present above stone wall

[Fixed] [J6] Misaligned stone wall


[Fixed] Burning house column causing damage to players when stood underneath

[Fixed] Trench with LOD issues

[Fixed] Barbed wire fence with LOD issues throughout the map

[Fixed] Canvas-covered barrel and tires with LOD issues at 10m

[Fixed] Dirt piles with LOD issues in multiple sectors

[Fixed] Fallen tree clipping through a standing tree

[Fixed] Log pile assets with incorrect penetration value

[Fixed] Multiple dirt assets with LOD issues

[Fixed] Multiple log assets with LOD issues

[Fixed] Multiple log assets missing bullet or player collision

[Fixed] Multiple misaligned fences around map

[Fixed] Multiple sandbag assets with LOD issues

[Fixed] Noticeable LOD change on Stone Fence asset

[Fixed] Player able to climb several small trees while exhibiting an odd animation from another observer's view

[Fixed] Red Barn LOD distance issue present throughout map

[Fixed] Sandbags clipping through wooden wall of trenches

[Fixed] Silo concrete bases with an overly large collision box

[Fixed] Snow-covered roofs of houses with LOD transition issues

[Fixed] Snow-covered trees with LOD issues at 35m

[Fixed] Snow clipping through ammo crate

[Fixed] Trench sandbags with LOD transition issues

[Fixed] There is a barn asset with LoD transition issues

[Fixed] Leafy branch asset with LOD transition issues

[Fixed] Wooden branch missing bullet/player collision present throughout map

[Fixed] Z-fighting present on wooden pallets throughout map

[Fixed] [C10] Tree clipping through a wooden fence

[Fixed] [C10] Misaligned terrain

[Fixed] [C6] Misaligned sandbag

[Fixed] [C6] LOD issue present on multiple sandbags at about 11m

[Fixed] [D1] Wood fence clipping through the side of the house

[Fixed] [D3] Building with multiple clipping issues

[Fixed] [D3] Tree clipping through a covered pallet stack

[Fixed] [D3] Misaligned trench mud border

[Fixed] [D3] Wood fence clipping through multiple assets

[Fixed] [D6] Fence in misalignment with the environment

[Fixed] [D7] Pile of shells witht LOD transition issues when going between distances of ~57-60m

[Fixed] [D8] Tree clipping through a boulder

[Fixed] [D8] Misaligned mud terrain

[Fixed] [E3] Milk barrel and wooden pallet clipping with a pile rubble

[Fixed] [E4] LOD issue observed on the searchlight asset

[Fixed] [E4] Shutters on a building present poor LOD transitions

[Fixed] [E7] Brick pile with LOD issues when going between the distance of 30-35m~

[Fixed] [F1] Tree clipping into house

[Fixed] [F1] Misaligned mudbank

[Fixed] [F1] Tree clipping through a covered box

[Fixed] [F1] Misaligned fallen tree

[Fixed] [F2] Stone wall misaligned with the terrain

[Fixed] [F8] Stone pile presenting LOD issues

[Fixed] [F9] Misaligned tree trunk

[Fixed] [F9] Trees clipping through other tree models

[Fixed] [G2] Tree clipping through stone fence

[Fixed] [G2] Trench with multiple misalignment issues

[Fixed] [G2] Terrain misaligned with the dirt border of a trench

[Fixed] [G7] Tree clipping a stone fence

[Fixed] [H1] Sapling clipping through a pile of dirty snow

[Fixed] [H3] Wooden logs clipping through rocks

[Fixed] [H4] Tree clipping through fence

[Fixed] [H5] Wooden barrel clipping through ground

[Fixed] [H5] Well asset with dirt PFX and SFX

[Fixed] [H6] Canister with a vehicle collision model

[Fixed] [H6] [E4] Destroyed US Jeep covered with snow presenting LOD transition issue

[Fixed] [H7] Grass patch clipping through a cow

[Fixed] [H7] Wooden Pallets asset with LOD transition issue

[Fixed] [H9] LOD transition issue with a terrain asset at about 50m

[Fixed] [H10] Tree stump clipping through wooden planks

Hill 400

[Fixed] Noticeable LOD issue visible for multiple vegetable patches

[Fixed] Stone house asset with LOD transition issues on specific wooden windows

[Fixed] LOD transition issue with multiple barbed wire assets

[Fixed] Wrecked Half-Track presenting incorrect PFX and SFX

[Fixed] LOD transition issue with mudbanks

[Fixed] Wooden crates asset present inside a house produce concrete VFX.

[Fixed] [A6] Floating dirt mound can be seen in garden plot.

[Fixed] [B8] Artillery shells have wood SFX/PFX

[Fixed] [C7] There is an LOD transition issue regarding the lobster traps.

[Fixed] [D7] A barrel asset found in sector D7 is floating.

[Fixed] [G6] The rock found in sector G6 is misaligned with the ground.

[Fixed] [I4] The supporting piles of a wooden bridge are missing player collision.


[Fixed] Stretching noticed on certain bush model

[Fixed] Multiple invisible collision issues across map

[Fixed] [B3] House wall presenting dirt PFX/SFX when shot

[Fixed] [D6] Misaligned wooden crate

[Fixed] [G6] Lamp seen clipping through an open gate

[Fixed] [J6] Floating artillery gun and ammo shells on Hurtgen Offensive US


[Fixed] Two of the forward Garrisons are incorrectly placed and will be destroyed after the Attackers capture the 1st sector

[Fixed] Canopy roofs with stone PFX when shot

[Fixed] Some snow-covered assets presenting stone SFX & PFX

[Fixed] Wooden Stairs with stone PFX

[Fixed] [C3] Misaligned haystack

[Fixed] [D1] The Soviet Ammo Depot presenting a clipping issue

[Fixed] [E5] Snow presenting misalignment issues near a house

[Fixed] [F5] Two walls at the back of the church with no bullet collision

[Fixed] [F6] Large rubble pile has improper collision, allowing the player to enter it in

[Fixed] [G10] Wooden train wagon presenting metal PFX and SFX

[Fixed] [H7] The Player can get stuck between 2 Logs assets


[Fixed] AT-mines clip the ground if placed on certain sections of road

[Fixed] [C1] Floating barrel

[Fixed] [C10] Tree inside a rock

[Fixed] [E5] Destroyed house presenting LOD issues when ADSing

[Fixed] [E10] Thin tree clipping a rock

[Fixed] [F2] Crater misaligned with the ground


[Fixed] Multiple stone walls with dirt PFX and SFX

[Fixed] Several Poor/Pink LODs seen along the cliffs from the US HQs

[Fixed] Wooden Poles around the beach area with metal SFX and PFX

[Fixed] [E5] Church asset with incorrect PFX and SFX

[Fixed] [F5] Destroyed house presenting LOD issue

[Fixed] [J3] Dead body clipping into boat

[Fixed] [J6] Floating artilleries in the middle HQ of the US spawn

Purple Heart Lane

[Fixed] Collision issues on riverbank preventing player movement

[Fixed] Floating milk barrels

[Fixed] Main road through PHL presenting dirt PFX when shot

[Fixed] [C8] Misaligned mud terrain observed near a trench

[Fixed] [C10] Misaligned mud tracks in multiple sections of the road

[Fixed] [D8] Misaligned mud terrain observed near a trench

[Fixed] [E3] Multiple misaligned mudbanks

[Fixed] [E4] Multiple assets misaligned with the terrain

[Fixed] [E4] Brick wall with misaligned textures

[Fixed] [E9] Multiple assets misaligned with the terrain

[Fixed] [G2] Terrain gap around a trench


[Fixed] The US Transport Truck failing to spawn by default in HQ 1

[Fixed] Canvas-covered assets using canvas bullet penetration values, allowing all types of bullets to shoot through them

[Fixed] Grey canvas-covered boxes displaying stone PFX, SFX, and bullet mark decals

[Fixed] Multiple clipping issues observed

[Fixed] Small rocks missing collision

[Fixed] Trees missing collision covering the visual of Weapons in FPP but not blocking weapon

[Fixed] Wheelbarrow asset with no bullet collision

[Fixed] Wooden Boxes on Ludendorff sparking with Concrete PFX/SFX when shot

[Fixed] [C9] Large trees clipping through objects on the ground

[Fixed] [C10] Multiple floating assets

[Fixed] [D2] Trees clipping rocks in multiple areas

[Fixed] [D3] Gap in terrain around trench

[Fixed] [D3] Terrain is misaligned around a trench

[Fixed] [D4] Multiple misaligned terrain instances

[Fixed] [D4] Terrain misaligned near a sandbag wall

[Fixed] [D4] Floating rocks misaligned with the ground

[Fixed] [D10] Misaligned terrain

[Fixed] [D10] Foliage clipping through the floor of a bunker

[Fixed] [E2, F2] Terrain is misaligned in multiple areas.

[Fixed] [E3] Sandbags around a particular trench with wood SFX/PFX

[Fixed] [E4] Gaps in terrain around a trench

[Fixed] [E4] Misaligned terrain on multiple hills

[Fixed] [E4] Terrain clipping through a rock

[Fixed] [E6] Player's view trembles when walking over a fallen tree stump

[Fixed] [E8] Stone wall presenting dirt PFX and SFX

[Fixed] [E10] Dirt cliff misaligned with the environment

[Fixed] [F2] Multiple terrain pieces misaligned around a trench

[Fixed] [F4] Gaps in terrain around two trenches

[Fixed] [F5] Misaligned mudbanks

[Fixed] [F9] Bucket asset presenting collision with Vehicle

[Fixed] [F9] Sheds present wooden PFX and SFX

[Fixed] [F10] Tree asset clipping through rock

[Fixed] [G1] Sandbags presenting metal PFX and SFX

[Fixed] [G2] Misaligned terrain

[Fixed] [G3, H3] Decaying tree trunk asset misaligned with the ground

[Fixed] [G3] Gaps in terrain around trenches visible in multiple areas

[Fixed] [G4] Misaligned mudbank near trench

[Fixed] [G4] Gaps in cliff face

[Fixed] [G4] Gaps in terrain around trenches

[Fixed] [G4] Misaligned terrain on a hill

[Fixed] [G5] Misaligned terrain

[Fixed] [G10] Multiple trees clipping through rocks

[Fixed] [H3] Terrain around a trench with gaps

[Fixed] [H6, H7] Large trees clipping through objects on the ground

St Marie Du Mont

[Fixed] [E10] Players can spawn inside a building with no way out

[Fixed] [F1] Small trees waving erratically

[Fixed] [F2] Trench system with large Collision Volume surrounding it, blocking players from taking cover in the trench


[Fixed] Kitchen stove asset with wooden PFX

[Fixed] Missing background / ambiance map SFX

[Fixed] [C7] Parachute asset floating above the ground

[Fixed] [F5] Players able to climb onto the rooftops opposite the church


[Fixed] Metal fence asset with wood PFX and SFX when shot at

[Fixed] LOD transition issue with derailed tram car

[Fixed] [B5 & I3] Players clipping through the ground when in prone

[Fixed] [E4] Wooden log assets with metal PFX

[Fixed] [I6] Train wheelset misaligned with the ground

[Fixed] [J6] Wooden train wagon presenting metal PFX and SFX


[Fixed] [D3] Destroyed artillery presenting LOD issue

[Fixed] [H4] House with wooden PFX and SFX

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