5 Stylish Organizers To Tame Even The Biggest Stack Of Mail


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Nov 19, 2023

5 Stylish Organizers To Tame Even The Biggest Stack Of Mail

We may receive a commission on purchases made from links. Even though more and

We may receive a commission on purchases made from links.

Even though more and more of our communication is digital, you may still have a baffling stack of mail on your coffee table. Between magazines, catalogs, coupons, notices about notices, and everything else, it's time to invest in a mail organizer. But you don't need a drab eyesore that will be even more overwhelming than the stacks of papers on your entryway table. Plenty of affordable, stylish mail holders fit any style and the functional needs of your household!

Maybe a mail organizer isn't the desirable new purchase you've been looking forward to for your home. Still, there are numerous benefits to getting organization systems and containers set up, not just for getting clutter out of your house. SelectHealth writes that organizing can reduce stress, improve sleep, and enhance work productivity. We've gathered some of the best mail organizers to help you get your mail pile under control in style.

Distractions on your work desk or clutter on the countertops are common, and we recommend a desktop organizer to contain the mess. This modern farmhouse-style organizer from PENGKE offers three wide slots for holding magazines, tablets, and appointment books. The cascading dividers make it easy to flip through the mail and won't take up much room on your working surfaces. While the black grid design is suited to modern farmhouse formats, it's also available in rose gold if you crave a touch of glamour.

The metal wire of this rack is painted, so it may fade with time, though no reviews have complained about that. Additionally, if you are looking for an organizational system with labels, this model is not ideal and better suited to individuals rather than family use. And, of course, if you want to completely get the clutter off your desk and don't want one more thing by your computer, consider one of the wall-mounted mail organizers from our list instead.

A central location for your family appointment board is essential to keeping everyone organized and on track, says Verywell Family. This chalkboard-slash-corkboard model from MyGift is great for families, as you can write reminders everyone is sure to see when they leave the house or when they get back. This style is perfect for the entryway of your home and even has a place to hang your car and house keys, so you don't have to scavenge your briefcase daily. Two mail slots are perfect for holding notices from schools, bills, and those precious few pieces of correspondence we still get via snail mail.

One disadvantage of this mail organizer is that the two slats are only 7.75 inches wide, so you won't be able to store larger pieces of mail, like catalogs, magazines, and newspapers. But the corkboard panel is a perfect place to show off photos from vacations, postcards, or coupons you need to take to the store with you.

Many folks dread getting a mail organizer because so many are unstylish and can throw off the vibe of your home décor. But with a few smart choices and knowing what to look for, you can find a mail holder that enhances the style of your home, not take away from it. That's why we love the Dahey Wall Mounted Mail Holder. Its deep wood tones, slatted divider, rustic key hooks, and shallow shelf make it an attractive option for a cottagecore or rustic farmhouse home.

The shallow shelf can be used for décor by adding a small bud vase or framed photograph that allows you to show off your style, or you can place hand sanitizer and lotion for folks to use when they enter the house. But this mail organizer is more than just for show, and the key hooks are a beneficial tool to help you keep your keys safe and in sight. The Dahey Wall Mounted Mail Holder has only one slot for mail, so it isn't ideal for organizing multiple people's mail.

If you have a penchant for the classic, you may opt for a tabletop tray organizer. We love this design from HOYRR because it can mix many styles and lend a touch of refined sophistication. One of the biggest perks is that these trays are stackable, and you can make a substantial tower or move them around your home as needed by ordering a few. Modular furniture is fantastic, especially for those living in small spaces, because it allows you to customize your space as needed, says JoyBird.

Stack your mail in these trays, or set them on your ottoman for a chic drink tray. This multifunctional tray style is an excellent choice for anyone who needs every piece of furniture to work overtime. The removable pen cup is also a nice feature and can help keep your desk orderly. This tray is made from wood-finished plywood, so it's reasonably sturdy, but dome users noted chipping the wood pattern, making the product look weathered and shoddy.

When you're sharing a space with multiple people and mail is coming in for different reasons, it can be challenging to keep track of everything. Consider investing in a mail organizer to help prevent the headaches disorganization brings. Buzzfeed even lists mail organizers as a must-have accessory for effectively living with others. What we love about this offering from Veesun is the space for labels — this allows you to customize them with names, and you can relabel them if someone moves out. The large pockets (14.2 inches long by 32.2 inches high) can easily hold formats like magazines and newspapers.

The black metal design is stylish and minimalist, so you're sure not to argue about design choices when choosing an organizer that works for everyone. And since it comes in a set of three, it's excellent for multifamily households or just a standard shared apartment. These wall-mounted units require making holes in your walls, so check with your landlord or lease agreement before hanging.