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Jun 09, 2023

Prince Harry to Give Meghan Sentimental 5th Anniversary Gift

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are celebrating five years of marriage today, May

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are celebrating five years of marriage today, May 19, 2023.

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On May 19, 2018, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry exchanged vows in a dreamy ceremony at Windsor Castle. Today, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have hit the five-year mark in their marriage. According to King Charles’ former royal butler, Grant Harrold, Harry will likely have big plans to celebrate this milestone year. Harrold, who worked as Charles’ butler for seven years, says he suspects Harry will buy his wife a touching gift for their fifth wedding anniversary on May 19, 2023, per The Mirror. "Harry is very sentimental," the former butler says. "He's very caring and thoughtful. He puts a lot of effort into things with the people he loves."

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Since five years of marriage is an accomplishment, Harrold expects that the couple will commemorate the day in a memorable way. "Any anniversary is special, but five years will definitely be celebrated," he notes. "I’m sure it will be a day they will celebrate and remember for years to come." Harrold also speculates about how Harry and Meghan will spend the day. "I’m sure they will do something nice, whether that will be a romantic meal or some nice jewelry," he states. "I would be surprised if they shared a new wedding or family picture they have found. You can guarantee Harry will put a lot of thought into their anniversary." The former butler says Harry could also follow the traditional route, gifting Meghan a "wooden photo frame" since the typical present for a fifth wedding anniversary is something made of wood.

While speaking on behalf of Slingo, the royal insider expresses how "very proud" he is that Harry found Meghan. According to Harrold, the two have an inseparable bond. "As a couple, Harry and Meghan have become very close," he observes. "They are best friends who work together as a team." In the couple's Netflix docuseries, Harry & Meghan, Harry opened up about when he knew Meghan was the one, which was a realization he had after their second date. "That was when it just hit me," Harry explained on the show. "This girl, this woman is amazing, everything I’ve been looking for. She's so comfortable and relaxed in my company." On the episode, Harry's friend Nacho Figueras recalled that Harry told him after the date that Meghan might be the person he's going to marry. "You could tell right away that those were the eyes of someone who had fallen in love," Figueras shared.

The feeling was also mutual for Meghan. After that second date, the duchess of Sussex told her friend Silver Tree that she was already crazy about Harry. Another one of her friends, Lindsay Jill Roth, said Meghan was "giddy" but tried to live in the moment. "She wanted to just get to know him for him, not for who the public thought he was," Roth explained. After Harry came across a video of Meghan on social media, and after Meghan vetted Harry's own Instagram account, the duo arranged their first date in 2016 in London. According to Meghan, Harry was late for the get-together, but the rest of the evening unfolded seamlessly. Meghan described Harry as "refreshingly fun," and she felt like they were "childlike together," per the docuseries. After talking for an hour, Meghan announced that she had other plans but ended up calling Harry later that night to arrange their second date.

What really solidified their relationship was their third date: a five-day trip to Botswana, Africa. "For me, it was critical to share it with Meg," Harry said. "To start with we’re sitting next to each other, and then, we progressed to holding hands, and then, we squeezed in a kiss amid the bumps, and then, everything felt totally normal and natural." That romantic adventure ended up being the best way to fan the flame. "We had to get to know each other before the rest of the world and the media sort of joined in," he revealed. They decided to pursue a long-distance relationship, but they saw each other every two weeks in the beginning, according to the docuseries. Eventually, Harry popped the question on November 27, 2017. Six months later, they tied the knot.