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May 25, 2023

9 Funny Bird Nest Pictures You Need to See

Home Birding Courtesy Norma Davis “A friend hung a pair of jeans on the

Home Birding

Courtesy Norma Davis

"A friend hung a pair of jeans on the clothesline to dry in July, and a house wren built a nest in the pocket. I sat in her backyard and took bird nest pictures. This photo shows Papa Wren feeding Mama a worm as she sits on the eggs in the nest," says Norma Davis. Attract wrens to your yard by putting up a wren birdhouse.

Courtesy Calvin Anderson

"I took this photo of a nesting American robin in Peabody, Massachusetts. This mama robin raised four young, and then three more after the first four fledged," says Calvin Anderson.

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Courtesy Bob Rabito

"This hummingbird made her nest on top of a hummingbird chime in my neighbor's backyard. We thought, Wow, how amazing for her to build her nest on another hummingbird!" says Bob Rabito. No matter where they’re built, hummingbird nests are marvels of avian engineering—and hummingbirds are absolute supermoms.

Courtesy Deborah Hoeffler

"It has been so sweet watching Momma Wren feed her babies. She nested in this fun birdhouse just outside our living room window. You can hear her babies chirping from sunrise to sunset. So cute. My husband and I love nature, so this has been a special treat for us," says Deborah Hoeffler.

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Courtesy Lisa Blauvelt

"A mourning dove repurposed an existing nest in one of hanging ferns on the front porch. I was able to get a picture of her and her baby dove before they left the nest," says Lisa Blauvelt. You’ll be amazed at how fast mourning doves build their nests.

Courtesy Michelle Summers

"This pair of Bewick's wrens used the open end of this post for their nest this year. Last year, the Carolina chickadees used this spot. I love birds and put a good deal of effort into providing water, food and nesting facilities for them. Sometimes they choose things like a post in just the right spot over a cute little birdhouse, but that's okay with me. It is always special to me to witness these tiny little families grow!" says Michelle Summers.

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Courtesy Cynthia Cyr

"A robin pair built a nest on top of a wreath on my front door. It took a little patience, but I was finally able to capture a photo of the whole family—two adults and three babies," says. Celia Cyr.

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Courtesy Lisa Ozkan

"These baby hummingbirds are waiting in the nest for their mama. Our outdoor chandelier makes a perfect location away from predators, and it provides a wonderful location for the baby hummingbirds," says Lisa Ozkan.

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Courtesy Mary Diglio

"I use disposable cups with the bottoms cut out to protect small veggies from cutworms. When my dog, Lucy, started sniffing around them, I pulled the cups off the wooden stake that keeps them stacked—and out flopped a house wren hatchling and nest! I quickly put the nest and cups back together, settled the little bird inside and then watched until its mother returned. What a funny nest!" says Mary Diglio.

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Courtesy Daryl Beck

"In early spring, robins built a nest on my farm tractor, next to the gear shift; I took these bird nest pictures but had to wait until they fledged before I could use the tractor," says Daryl Beck.

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