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Sep 15, 2023

49 Best Gifts for Tea Lovers in 2022

There's nothing better than starting the morning to a piping hot cup of tea.

There's nothing better than starting the morning to a piping hot cup of tea. After all, it is the best beverage (sorry, coffee drinkers). There are so many flavors to choose from (it's like picking a video game player): spiced chai, earthy green tea, quintessential black tea, and so much more. If you've got friends or family who can't get enough of their tea time, now's the perfect occasion to embark on your holiday shopping journey, and you've come to the right place.

We've looked high and low for the best gifts for tea lovers and curated a 49-item list filled with best-selling and customer-adorned kettles, pots, loose-leaf teas, powders, tea bags, infusers, and accessories. We even tapped a tea expert for their recommendations. A hand-painted floral pot for the Bridgerton fanatics, Kusmi Tea's Gift Set Collection for tea novices and aficionados, and a temperature-regulating mug for the tea techs out there.

From ceramic tea pots to candy cane-flavored matcha to silicone infusers shaped like sea lions, there's a gift for every person on your list. Check out these 49 best gifts that'll have the tea lover in your life saying "I love it so matcha." (Sorry, we couldn't help ourselves.)


Caraway's tea kettle that launched a few months ago takes a fun spin on the classic whistling ones (you know, the ones you need to set on your stove—old school). Made of stainless steel and non-toxic materials—it's free of lead, PTFE, and PFOA—Caraway's kettle boils water quickly without any chemical additives. Plus, the modern design complements any kitchen, making it a great gift for tea connoisseurs.

Need an electric option? Fellow's electric kettle comes recommended by Tony Gebely, a tea expert and founder of Tea Epicure. Not only does it sit beautifully on a kitchen counter, it’ll "let you dial it down to the degree and has a quick pour," he says. Even more impressive? For 60 minutes, the Corvo will hold the water in your desired temperature, ensuring hot tea for as long as you need. This kettle marries beauty and brains.

Zojirushi's water boiler has Gebely's heart. It's doesn't come as a shock: The device keeps water hot all day long and has an LCD display to show you the temperature in real time, which is ideal for brewing black, green, and oolong teas. "I have a 4.5-liter one on my counter in my tea space, and I have hot water on demand, which is great" he says.

Known for its cast iron Dutch ovens, Le Creuset is well-acquainted with fine craftsmanship, and its tea kettle is no exception. Glazed in porcelain enamel, the kettle disperses heat quickly while preventing erosion to bring you the perfectly brewed cup of tea. Bonus: The ombre blend looks like a design straight out of an art museum (it very well could be due to how beautiful it is).

For a no-frills brewing experience, Cosori's Electric Kettle is the go-to appliance. Using rapid boil technology, the kettle heats up water in just minutes (between three and seven) and is easy to pour, thanks to the wide opening. What's more, the timer automatically shuts down the kettle after 30 seconds, so you don't need to watch it.

Treat the tea lover in your life to some Smeg, and this kettle is sure to be a kitchen showpiece. Beyond being a darn good kettle—it has an auto, shut-off feature—it's a joy to look at thanks to its 1950s retro-style, curved design, and chrome accents.

Made of stainless steel, Primula's Avalton stovetop tea kettle boils water quickly and has an ergonomic handle for easy pouring. The whistling spout will ring whenever your water is done boiling. You can get it in black, silver, grey, red, or teal.

Got a tea person who appreciate kettle aesthetics? This Sven tea kettle embodies a northern European design with the royal blue color, wooden accents, and a stainless steel finish, making it difficult to not stare at it. We love that it comes in three other color ways: yellow, white, and grey.

For the single-pot kind of tea drinkers, Firebelly's small teapot serves up one good cup. The ergonomic handle, sturdy lid, and non-toxic glaze finish makes this small-but-mighty pot a gift worth giving. To use, place the micro-perforated stainless steel filter into the pot, add your tea leaves, and pour.

Vahdam's porcelain teapot does double duty as a brewer and server. It comes with a built-in infuser, so you can soak your favorite tea leaves, from oolong to chai to black tea and a sprout to pour your favorite cup of goodness. Since the infuser is removable, the teapot is a piece of cake to clean (easy, peasy, lemon, squeezy).

Designed by Francis Cayouette, the Shelton blends Scandinavian design and bamboo accents with its stoneware base, making it an ideal gift for friends or family who fancy minimalistic homeware.

Unlike the other pots on this list, Willow & Everett's teapot allows you to see the unique color of the tea you’re brewing. The stainless steel lid prevents leaks, and the pot has a built-in infuser for easy pouring. To use, fill with water and pop it into your microwave.

Anthropologie's home section is *chef's kiss*, and so is this teapot. The hand-painted flowers and plants resemble something out of a painting and the gold accents make it feel like you’re sipping tea in a big, poofy ball gown in Bridgerton.

Good tea begins with the leaves, and Vahdam—the one-stop shop for all things tea—offers an assortment of flavors, from chai to cardamom masala. Each tea flavor is packaged in gold tin caddies, and the set comes in a luxe gift box decked in ornate designs, perfect for gifting.

The best chai that Gebely has ever tasted? Rishi, period. What makes this blend so good is that it's made of 40 percent spices: ginger root, cinnamon, cardamom, black pepper, and cloves (yum). Add milk, and you’re good to commence sipping.

What's better than tea? A custom selection of your favorite blends, and Tea Fortē's custom gift box is not one to miss during your holiday shopping. Of the 20 tea blends—blueberry merlot tea, citrus mint, orchid vanilla tea, and more—you get to choose four (ten of each flavor are allotted for the four sections). Even more, the tea is packaged in pyramid-shaped tea bags (how fun).

What's filled in this festive green and red tin is DAVIDsTEA's candy cane matcha blend. It's sweet, creamy, and pairs well with whipped cream and crushed candy cane.

The ultimate gift, Kusmi's collection gift set features 15 loose teas in mini tins, a box of tea filters, and a teaspoon. Gift five signature teas: black tea with lemon, grapefruit, and berry, chai, and green-spiced tea, perfect for a tea novice or aficionado who wants to discover or rediscover their favorite flavors.

The holiday season is about to get jollier with Firebelly's warm-up session. This kit features three types of loose leaves: pumpkin spice, chai, and earl grey. Add water and boil during a wintry day.

This 3-tin satchet set features three mind- and body-boosting flavors, including white tea with hints of jasmine and rose petals, blood orange smoothie, and a herbal chai. When you gift this set, the tea lover in your life will get 45 servings along with a leaf-printed gift box (too cute).

It's hard to pick which flavors to choose from DAVIDsTEA's selection. The tea brand offers the classics (black, green, white, etc.), but also holiday dessert-inspired favorites, like Sweet Potato Pie, or Caramel Shortbread. We’re sipping on Sweet Potato Pie, which is made with premium black tea and zesty spices like nutmeg and cinnamon. Oh, and can't forget the touch of creamy marshmallow. Bonus: DAVIDsTEA certifies their teas by Elephant Approved® which is a non-profit that helps save elephants around the globe.

Boba tea fanatics will appreciate a tea kit, and this one is equipped with all of the goodies. The lucky recipient of this set will receive royal milk tea, chai, tapioca pearls, and stainless steel straws (a steal, I know). Happy sipping!

For the person who can't get enough matcha. Chamberlain's Coffee matcha variety pack includes three classic and unique flavors: matcha, vanilla matcha, and mango matcha. All you need is some hot water, and you’re ready to whisk away.

Chai latte? Say less. This mix is made of black tea, ginger, cardamom, nutmeg, and oat milk powder for a tasty sip. It's also infused with adaptogens and probiotics to help you destress. All you have to do is add water.

Merry up the holidays with this classic Japanese green tea. This classic kit includes sencha that's flavored with hints of unami and a dab of sweetness and a handmade Yakishime Kyusu to draw out its unique flavors.

For the loved ones who like milk in their tea, consider a milk frother. Constructed out of stainless steel, this MUD whip froths up milk in seconds. It's also ideal for those who love latte blends, like Clevr or Blume. It also comes in this aesthetic, octagon-shaped travel container for whenever you’re on the go.

You’re no longer limited to tea drinking at home thanks to Fellow's Carter Everywhere Mug. Constructed out of stainless steel and a ceramic coating, the Carter Mug keeps liquids hot for up to 12 hours (and 24 hours for cold liquids). Another nice touch: It has a 270 degree twist cap to prevent leaks, making it a thoughtful gift for your loved ones on the go.

If you’re on the hunt for stocking stuffers, don't skip out on Finum's tea infuser. Constructed out of stainless steel and heat-tolerant, BPA-free plastic, this infuser "allows the leaves to open up and water to flow in between them" to blend the water and leaves nicely," says Gebely.

For tea devotees who like their tea a specific temperature, gift them the Ember mug. Using an app, you can set and preset the temperature for your favorite drinks, keeping your liquids hot for 1.5 hours sans lid. Think of it as a bougie, smart mug.

The Palais des Thés tea set is a "matcha" made in heaven. It features a wooden spatula, a Chasen whisk, and a Chawan bowl to prepare a yummy cup of green tea.

Seeping tea just got so much easier thanks to these mesh tea balls. Made of aluminum, the tea balls can withstand the hottest of temperatures and comes with a built-in hook, which conveniently hangs onto mugs or glassware. The round shape gives the leaves space, and the mesh allows water to flow and infuse the tea leaves, according to Gebely. Its small size makes it an ideal stocking stuffer.

Tea peeps swear by this mug, and for good reason: It's equipped with a stainless steel infuser and saucer that does double duty as a lid to keep your tea toasty. It's finished in six colors: sage, eggplant purple, purple, lavender, red, and beige.

A traditional Chinese brewing vessel, Gaiwans are equipped with a lid, bowl, and saucer to brew a flavorful cup of tea, and this one is hand-painted with motifs and a reading that means "everlasting long life." "I would put a bunch of leaves in the gaiwan and steep them ten times," Gebely says.

For the person who can't get enough tea, this organizer is for them. Made of bamboo, RoyalHouse's organizer looks beautifully in any kitchen and has eight compartments to store all of their teas (it's giving tea bag galore).

Deck the halls (or table, rather) in these punch needle coasters. 100 percent handmade, these coasters are a unique stocking stuffer or gift idea. Choose from 24 fun and funky designs, from ying yang to lemon slices.

You can't have too many mugs (says every mug hoarder ever, lol), and this one comes with a wooden lid to keep liquids hot and a golden spoon (you’re fancy huh?) for mixing sugar and honey. It comes in festive colors like matte red and green as well as white, royal blue, and black.

While small, Oxo's tea infuser has a mighty basket, which is large enough for tea leaves to expand. It also has a hole-like pattern that keeps the tiniest of particles contained and a silicone-based lid that remains cool even when things get steamy.

Many tea drinkers love insulated mugs, and this one from Yeti reigns supreme. This one is double-lined with stainless steel and has vacuum insulation to keep your tea hot to the very last sip. Choose from three different sizes—10, 14, or 24 ounces—and 12 colors. Don't fancy the colors available? Don't fret! You can customize your own and even add designs.

Unlike the stainless steel infusers, this one is made from food-safe silicone and is shaped like a sea lion. The curved arms hang over any mug, and the body of the infuser has holes to give the tea leaves space to expand.

Who needs a jar of honey when you’ve got honey spoons? These are perfectly portioned and are made of real real orange blossom. All you have to do is mix until the honey melts.

This gorgeous amber mug is not only double walled (you can cup it with your palms and not get burned—hallelujah!), but it comes with the Perfect Infuser so you can infuse your loose leaf teas without having to use a separate trinket (it fits in the mug perfectly). Plus, the glass lid doubles as a saucer, which saves on space. It's a smart, chic gift that's highly functional. Just FYI: Let your giftee know that it's not dishwasher or microwave-safe.

There's nothing that reads "I love tea" louder than a sticker and this one has "tea lover" printed on a straw and cup. Stick on your favorite water bottle, laptop, or the back of your phone.

Complement your tea with some biscuits. These shortbreads are infused with earl grey and have a subtle, bergamot flavor with each chomp you take.

Any tea party hostess will appreciate a tea organizer, and this six-compartment one spins 360 degrees, making it easy for you and guests to look for your favorite tea bags. Stylish and smooth, it holds up to 60 tea bags.

Biscuits, but make it matcha. These individually-wrapped biscuits are made from premium matcha powder, giving them its rich flavor. Buttery soft, they pair well with green tea for an afternoon sip.

Set up your loved one for tea-sess with a subscription to Sips By. Each subscription features a selection of four premium teas (enough to enjoy 16+ cups per month), reusable and biodegradable tea filters, steeping and tasting notes, and recipes curated by tea experts. Choose from the following subscription options: three, six, 12, and 24 months.

The Republic of Tea offers six and 12-month subscriptions for its tea of the month series. As the name implies, a new selection of black teas will be delivered to your giftee's doorsteps, everything from ginger peach to caramel vanilla cuppa cake to blackberry sage.

For the tea lover who likes to explore, the Atlas Tea Club delivers two single-origin teas from around the world right to your giftee's doorsteps. In each box, your giftee will get a picturesque postcard and steeping tips and flavor notes.

With more than 300 selections of tea, Tea Runners choose four loose leaf teas to deliver straight to your friends or family. It contains about one ounce of tea per pouch, which equates to roughly 40 cups of tea, plenty to sip on during the holidays and beyond.

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