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May 03, 2023

10 MacKenzie

10 MacKenzie-Childs Flash Sale items Having a minimalistic home is trendy, but

10 MacKenzie-Childs Flash Sale items

Having a minimalistic home is trendy, but that's really all that it is. A trend isn't something that sticks around. Why have a home that feels like a hotel room when you can have a home that is uniquely tailored to you?

MacKenzie-Childs can help you achieve the home aesthetic you want, especially if you want items that no one has, items that fit your style, and looks like you’ve just entered a fairy-tale fantasy. MacKenzie-Childs is a brand that goes above and beyond on home items and accessories.

From December 16 to December 20, MacKenzie-Childs is celebrating the holiday season with a flash sale that has tons of popular and unique items for up to 60% off.

Queen Bee Pillow

Queen Bee Pillow - $69 (was $98)

Drawing its inspiration from the humble honeybee, the beaded comb shape topped with the winged wonder is a real statement maker. Mix and match with the rest of the pillows in this collection or combine with your existing bunch.

More pillows

Courtly Flower Market Lumbar Pillow - $54 (was $78)

Pablo Picatsso Pillow - $97 (was $138)

Turtle Pot Climber

Turtle Pot Climber - $33 (was $48)

His shell, hand-painted in our signature Courtly Check pattern, tops a gilded body.

More pot climbers

Pot Croaker Pot Climber - $33 (was $48)

Snail Pot Climber - $33 (was $48)

Staffordshire Dog Lamps - Set of 2

Staffordshire Dog Lamps - Set of 2 - $349 (was $498)

These ceramic pups sit atop wooden bases trimmed with Courtly Stripe, topped with bell-shaped black shades lined with gold fabric.

More lamps

Tulip Table Lamp - $209 (was $298)

Flower Market Fish Table Lamp - $209 (was $298)

Courtly Check Enamel Triple Wall Hook

Courtly Check Enamel Triple Wall Hook - $132 (was $188)

It features six hooks, accented with carved cinnabar finials, for hanging items.

More wall hooks

Courtly Check Enamel Single Wall Hook - $54 (was $78)

Monarch Butterfly Shadow Box

Monarch Butterfly Shadow Box - $118 (was $168)

The Monarch Butterfly Shadow Box features a sculptural painted tin monarch butterfly, set on a backdrop of our Courtly Stripes and framed in gilded gold. Hang on a gallery wall or alongside the Sunflower Shadow Box to wake up a hallway.

More shadow boxes

Butterfly Shadow Box - $118 (was $168)

Beaded Tulip Shadow Box - $139 (was $198)

Hopscotch Frame - 5" x 7"

Hopscotch Frame - 5″ x 7″ - $99 (was $148)

Add this to your family photo gallery or give one as a standout gift for a friend.

More frames

Jaipur Frame - 4″ x 6″ - $62 (was $88)

Really Rosy Frame - 4″ x 6″ - $39 (was $78)

Courtly Stripe Birdhouse

Courtly Stripe Birdhouse - $181 (was $258)

This hand-painted metal roost is suitable for outdoor use during the warmer months. And brought inside when the songbirds fly south, it makes a festive decoration and reminder of what the next spring will bring.

More birdhouses

Courtly Check Birdhouse Stake - $54 (was $78)

Feathered Nests Bird Feeder - $139 (was $198)

Tea Kettle Napkin Ring - Courtly Check

Tea Kettle Napkin Ring - Courtly Check - $29 (was $42)

Add the jeweled touch of MacKenzie-Childs to your table settings. Inspired by their iconic Courtly Check Tea Kettle right down to the red bead on top, our Courtly Check Tea Kettle Napkin Ring is made of intricate glass beading on a frame of brass and iron.

More napkins rings

Frog Salt & Pepper Set

Frog Salt & Pepper Set - $33 (was $48)

Sure to make your table fresh and fun, the hand-painted ceramic Frog Salt & Pepper Set features a pair of regal Courtly Check frogs that hold salt and pepper. Presented in a beautiful gift box, it makes an ideal gift for the salt and pepper shaker collector, who might also happen to be your favorite hostess or host.

More salt and pepper shakers

Birdhouse Chandelier

Birdhouse Chandelier - $455 (was $650)

Early birds, night owls, spring chickens, and old hens all agree—they’d be happy to call our Birdhouse Chandelier home. Lucky for you, this colorful roost is designed for your nest, with a quartet of birdhouses hand-painted in delightful pastels and perched on the scrollwork of a hanging fixture bedecked in our signature patterns.

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